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Gareth Quinn Redmond & Albert Karch Residency Concert



An idea that took root four years ago will finally take shape with the Out of Bounds residency of Albert Karch and Gareth Quinn Redmond. Their friendship began over a shared love of Satoshi Ashikawa and his concept of “environmental music.” While their understanding of the concept carries slightly different connotations, the fact that they both felt so indebted to Ashikawa’s work created an immediate bond.

Environmental music is a specific approach to sound design that reflects the surroundings of the listener and imbues a moment with a distinct sense of reflection and presence. The residency finds Albert and Gareth working with one another and attempting to realize this concept with modern technologies and listening habits in mind. They will explore this framework of composition, inspired by their immediate surroundings. The residency will culminate in a concert on Friday, June 10th.

This concert is organized in collaboration with Quatre Mains Pianos.

About Gareth Quinn Redmond

Since releasing his debut album Laistigh den Ghleo alongside the first reissue of Satoshi Ashikawa’s seminal record Still Way, Gareth Quinn Redmond’s work has continued to be inspired by the concept of kankyō ongaku, or “environmental music.” This concept runs throughout Gareth’s approach to writing, which predominantly focuses on building and sustaining a connection between the listener and their environment. In October 2021, Gareth released his latest album, Oscailte, a synth-driven work inspired by the sound of the Juno 60 synthesiser. This year will see the release of three new albums out on Hidden Harmony Recordings and WRWTFWW Records.

About Albert Karch

Albert Karch’s broad musical fascinations have led him to working as a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and sound engineer. He blends sonic sensitivity, compositional control with production quality, and experimentation, always searching for integrity and uniqueness of expression. His 2019 debut Celestially Light features Japanese singer Ichiko Aoba. Albert’s other credits include producing for Polish songwriter Misia Furtak, drumming with Sainkho Namtchylak, collaborating with Faroese singer Eyði Horsdal, a jazz quartet with Japanese bassist Yuta Omino, touring and recording internationally, and mixing and mastering for many artists.


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